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The Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital (Dual Action) Polisher Deluxe Kit makes it possible to polish every square inch of your vehicle. The Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher features a compact, lightweight body that is designed to be used with polishing pads ranging from 3 to 4 inches.

Rupes, a pioneer in the polishing industry, listened to the requests of professional detailers and car care enthusiasts and created a 3 inch mini polisher that is powerful enough to remove swirls and scratches with ease. The Rupes LHR 75E features a massive 12 mm orbit, giving it the correction ability that professional detailers demand. The powerful 400 watt motor ensures the LHR 75E doesn’t bog down under light loads.

The Deluxe Kit includes the polisher itself plus a handful of Rupes foam pads, Rupes polishing compounds, and a host of other essential accessories for making for your vehicle’s finish flawless. Best of all, the Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher Deluxe Kit includes a Rupes bag to tote everything around in.

Kit includes:
- RUPES LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher
- RUPES LHR 75E 3 inch Backing Plate
- RUPES Big Foot Soft Polisher Bag
- RUPES Big Foot Detailing Apron
- RUPES Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound 250ml
- RUPES Keramik Gloss Fine Polish 250ml
- 2x Blue Coarse Foam Pad, 4 Inch
- 2x Yellow Polishing Foam Pad, 4 Inch
- RUPES Microfiber Cloths

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