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Use This Bucket  To:

  • Easily see when you need new wash water in your bucket
  • Get clear vision into your wash bucket
  • See what you’re pulling off your car
  • Snugly fits the Dirt Trap Wash Filter
  • Perfect for the two bucket method
  • Live and rep the CG lifestyle
  • Handle makes transportation a breeze
  • Wide 12” across for easy access
  • Compatible with all CG bucket accessories

The Clear Choice!

If there’s one staple in your detailing arsenal, it’s the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket, and now it comes in clear for clearer results and even more fun! Not sure if it’s time to change out your soapy water? The Clear Detailing Bucket makes it easy to see right through so you know exactly when it’s time to drain your bucket and refill it with fresh, clean water. It’s the best way to make sure that your ride stays scratch-free. Dunk your mitt and watch as nasty dirt, grime, and other contaminants turn your bucket from a nice clear to a dark and opaque color!

Good For More Than Just Detailing

Fill it with water, sit on it, or stuff it full of your favorite Chemical Guys goodies… the Clear Detailing Bucket is the versatile tool that every detailer needs in their garage! Organize your detailing arsenal with towels in one bucket, 16oz bottles another, and accessories in a third clear bucket for an easily accessible and space saving arsenal that looks as amazing as it is efficient and organized. The clear construction of this bucket makes it easy to see right into your bucket, so you never lose sight of your detailing tools again!

Heavy Duty

Don’t just grab one Clear Detailing Bucket, pick up a couple- they’re perfect for the two bucket method and holding tons of suds! Stick in the Dirt Trap, get to washing, and when you’re done, store your chemicals and tools in them so all your favorite Chemical Guys goodies are safe, sound, and ready for your next detail. The choice is clear… pick up your Clear Detailing Bucket and let the fun begin!