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The perfect gift or starter pack.  Wash and shine your car easily.

You get a good size 473ml Bottle of each:

  • Either Mr Pink or Honeydew Snow Foam (you get one, not both, lucky dip) these are both awesome soaps - the perfect maintenance car wash soap/shampoo that is tough on dirt, yet gentle on wax and sealant with slick lubricants that gently guide dirt and grime off the car for a scratch-free wash!   PH Neutral.  Works amazingly in a snow foam connon as well; (not included)
  • Wet Mirror Finish Glaze is the unique gloss-magnifying glaze that takes any vehicle’s shine to the next level while reducing static charge on the vehicle surface to minimize dirt and dust adhesion. 
  • Butter Wet Wax is a smooth, liquid creme wax that melts into the paint like butter for easy on/off application to give you the deepest, wettest look imaginable in a matter of minutes.

Plus you also get:

  • a 2 pack of green microfiber applicators, (colour code green for exterior), one to apply the Wet Mirror Finnish, the other to apply the Butter Wet Wax.
  • a 3 pack of high quality microfiber clothes 70:30 in green (colour code green for exterior) to remove the Wet Mirror Finnish, and the Butter Wet Wax.

How to use:

1. Wash your vehicle first with My Pink or Honeydew.   (we recommend using the two bucket system with dirt traps and a quality microfiber mitt, and drying with a soft microfiber drying towel like Woolly Mammoth, if you do not have this check out our other listings or message us - not included)

2. Apply Wet mirror Finish Glaze evenly over all of the paint of your vehicle using one of the applicators included in this kit.  You do not have to work it in or polish it, just spread it evenly across the paint.  Wait 15 minutes, then buff it off using one of the included microfiber cloths.  Use the cloth folded in quarters (not scrunched) to maximize surface area, and flip when dirty to get 8 uses for each cloth.

3. Follow the same process for Butter Wet Wax with a new clean applicator and microfiber cloth. 

Simple, easy, and amazing results.

Suitable for any colour paint.

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