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Marine and Boat Optical Clean Glass Cleaner is the perfect solution to removing dirt, grime, and fingerprints from marine and watercraft glass and helping prevent future water spots.

Use This To: 

  • Clean glass, plexiglass, and plastic windows
  • Clean, shine, and protect marine glass
  • Remove and prevent water spots
  • Apple to tinted and non-tinted glass and windows

Powerful Cleaning On Marine Glass And Optical Plastics

Boat Glass Cleaner cuts through tough aquatic stains and spots for crystal clear windows. Salt spray, salt water spots, pollution, and dirt mix together to obscure windows and make operating boats and watercraft dangerous. Boat Glass Cleaner uses synthetic marine sealants to prevent future water spots on windows and maintain optical clarity over time. Use Boat Glass Cleaner to remove interior window films, fingerprints, smudges, and grime for perfectly clear glass!

Enhanced Protection Against Water Spots

Water spots are a problem on paint and metal, but a real hazard on windows and glass. Bad water spots can etch into glass or plastic, destroy clarity of the window, and reduce visibility to dangerous levels. Normal glass cleaners can remove light water spots, but do nothing to prevent future ones. Chemical Guys Boat Glass Cleaner is the only aquatic glass cleaner that uses synthetic marine sealant technology to repel water and help prevent future water spots from reducing optical clarity over time. Windows treated with Boat Glass Cleaner stay cleaner and clearer for longer than untreated windows. Because water doesn’t stick to the window, the hard salt and minerals cannot dry on and etch into the material.